Online Tax Filing

To begin the process, you will be provided directions on how to create an account on our secure portal, how to create and complete and organizer, and how to upload your supporting tax documents. Once complete, you will submit your organizer.

After you submit your organizer, the accountant will be notified that the organizer is completed. They’ll check it to make sure it contains all the information and support documents needed to prepare your return. The accountant will follow up with any clarifications needed and provide you with their booking link upon request. You can use the booking link to schedule video calls to get guidance and discuss any particular tax situations. You can also call or email the office at any time.

Once your return is prepared and checked for accuracy, it will be uploaded to the Tax Return folder in the documents section of the portal for your review. The invoice will be created and can be paid directly within the secure portal. After you have reviewed the return, you can sign the e-file authorization form 8879. This is our signal to file the return. You will receive an email notification once the return has been accepted by the taxing authority.

Our minimum fee for 1040 tax preparation is $750. Please reach out to request a copy of our fee schedule if you would like to estimate your cost for tax preparation services.

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